Rock from Dallas, TX, United States

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The Greatest American Rock Band from Dallas Texas. If our songs don't blow you away you're not not listening good enough. TURN IT UP LOUD!!!


Scott Lathwood - Lead Vocals
Darren "DPaul" Wise - Guitar/Songwriter
Lee Autry - Bass
Michael Gray - Drums


ince SILVERGUN’S launch last December they have three songs attached to three major movies “All Over Me” is featured in a full feature film starring Teri Polo, Tia Carrere, Chazz Palminteri titled released November 2013. The song “Fast N Loud” is attached to upcoming documentary titled and recently on The Drew Pearson Show (FOX Sports) Darren “DPaul” Wise
“You can feel the love, passion and everything it takes to catch a Hail Mary written in this song”
- Drew Pearson “The Original 88” Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver. With his hit song “Girls Like You” charting at #38 on billboard this past summer, Darren “DPaul” Wise is well on his way to being one of rock’s premiere songwriters. His work was personally noticed by Paul Reed Smith a few months ago and even without being attached to a label of any sorts Mr. Reed personally endorsed DPaul. You can see the passion both men have for Paul’s guitars in this video: also Official Press Release from PRS here:


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